Guild Wars 2 / Guilds Overview

North America

Anvil Rock

Dark Tempest Dragons, Might and Smarts, Misfits of Anvil Rock.


Black Dragon Templars, Bringers of Aggro, Dragon Watch, Legion of Dragoons, Pure Style, Tables Turned, The Lords Of Dragon Heart, Worlds Most Interesting Men.

Borlis Pass

Dark Times, Every Victor Immortality Lair, Fractals Of The Mind, Legion of the Rising Sun, Miscreants at Midnight, ORE, Shining Blades of LORE, The Order of Digital Knightz.

Crystal Desert

For The Horde, Phantom Soul Reavers, ROUGH TRADE - LGBT (aka RTGC, TAINT, ROUGH TRADE GAMING COMMUNITY), Sixty Nine Shades of [NUDE], Smaash Gaming.


Azure Knights of Dwayna, Devine Wind, I Am Vindictive.

Devona's Rest

Arcus Pride, Robin's Hoods, The Steel Ministry.


Alice Ever Garden, Brewhaus, Fellowship of the Realm, Fox Overwatch, Gaurdians Of The Light, Hades Harem, Knights of Ares, Komodo Dragons, Lunar Knights, Modi Operandi, Project Mayhem, Shadow Dragon Sect., Sword of Truth, The Blazeridge Dragons, The Dragonfly Effect, The Order Of The Round Table, The Snack Brigade, Tuxzyn Terrors.

Ehmry Bay

Brown Fang Ardour Legion, Commanders of the Reborn Empire, Gamadise Gaming, Immortal Samurai, In The Fur, Onyx Guard, Phantoms of the, Stellar Remnant, The Dead Sea.

Eredon Terrace


Ferguson's Crossing

Devils Bregade.

Fort Aspenwood

Aegis, Everlasting Sacred Path, Guild of the Free Companies, Knights of the Rose City, League Of Omnipotents, Rsenal, Teddy Bears, The Republic, Wardens of Light.

Gate of Madness

Affinitus Nemus, Crimson Dragon Horde, Get Fresh Crew, Guild Of Divine Soldiers, Knights of Myst, Legendary Ascalonian Defenders, Ojin, The Order of the Moon, The Symphonic Scream, Whos A Pretty Kitty.

Henge of Denravi

Central Anime, Knights of Pomerania, Slay, Templar, The Varangian Knights.

Isle of Janthir

Always Winter Knights, Lost Relic Seekers, Powertrip, Royal Orchid, The Akatsuki Organization, Unitasumus.

Jade Quarry

Ashes, Rune, Siege Turtle Desecration, Test Guild Please Ignore, The Legacy Of, Vintage Gaming.


Moondust Knights, Viking Raiders.


Sages' Lost Intrigues, Sine Circadia, Starfleet Dental.

Northern Shiverpeaks

Chariot of Fire, Clockwork Assembly, Eternallylost, Nuclear, Nuggets of Wisdom, The Crimson Mercenaries, The Pug Group.

Sanctum of Rall

Alianza Argentina, Ecto Nightmare, Fellowship of Wizards, Flux Capacity, Galatis, Holy Avenger, Northern Brethren, Pro Power Players, Sentinels of Solaris.

Sea of Sorrows

Élite RD, Cookie Stealing Team, Fated, Fell Into Your Shoes, From the Ashes Risen, Hope Rising, Southern Cross Killers.

Sorrow's Furnace

Forgeman Destroyers, Kabal of the Righteous, Kuro Ookami, Noobfest.

Stormbluff Isle

BloodLine, Carpe Cerevisiam, Ice Empire, Last Horizon, Not Forgotten Gaming, Siege Turtles, We Still Need Therapy.

Tarnished Coast

Bunny Foofoo Belly Button Lint, Darkmoon Eidolons, Elite Vanguards Of Tyria, I Swear She Was Eighteen, Obsessive Completion Disorder, The Chosen, The Gryphons Aerie, The Mailed Fist, The Mechanists of the Pariah, Vanquish, Wardens of Destiny.

Yak's Bend

Goats of Thunder, Knights of the Rose, Knights of The Silver Chalice, La Orden de los Dioses Antiguos, Liars Cheats and Thieves, Republic of OT, Spiral Origins, Xunlai Heroic Service Agents.


Abaddon's Mouth [DE]

Special Power Forces.

Arborstone [FR]

Augury Rock [FR]

Hushed Voices, Le bus magique, Ombre et Lumière, The Frenchies, The Frenchies Kiss.

Aurora Glade

Czech Singularity, Hermits United, Jade Reapers, Lazy Old Fingers, Lightbringer, Ons Kom Vat Jou Kak, Order of Eldin, Order of the Sunshield, Red eyes, Sorted, The Pink Panther, When The Night Falls.

Baruch Bay [ES]

Bendición Oscura.


Black Templars, Gildia Polska, Guardian Brigade, Moongate Elite, The Praetorians Guild.

Desolation, AncientS, Blades of Valkyries, Brotherhood of Ronins, Flameseekers of Prophecies, Insanity, Nolani Academy, Rus Corp, The Auxilian Outlaws, The Dynasty Warrior, Thousand Lakes Alliance, Twisted, Whitelions.

Drakkar Lake [DE]

Silver Sunshine.

Dzagonur [DE]

Elona Reach [DE]

Die Geheime Nachtwache (Update), Die heilige Suche nach dem [GRAL], How I Met A Dragon, The Harem of Topaz Alliance, The Unbreakable Terror.

Far Shiverpeaks

Bloodstone Keepers, Dragons in Exile, Great Heathen, Guild of Tweakers, Ragnarok Of Primordus, Ruthless, Tempus Omnia Revelat, The Bone Breakers, The Kinetic Hand, The Nutcrackers, Three Crowns.

Fissure of Woe

Crimson Blooded Defenders.

Fort Ranik [FR]


Alpharius, Black Horizon Society, Death of Honor, Dogengilde, Everlasting Brotherhood, Friskyttarna, Legacy of the Six, Lost in Gandara, Ninshu The Ninja Creed, Nova Ordem Lusa, Ordo Lupi Albi, The Arctic, The Art Of W A R, Thorin and Company, Valour of Old.

Gunnar's Hold

Dragons Company, Rock, Paper, Signet, We have had [ENUF].

Jade Sea [FR]

Kodash [DE]

Miller's Sound


Piken Square

Angel Sharks, Big Blood Fest, Not All Those Who Wander Are, Pieces Of Eden, The Maddest Hatters.

Ring of Fire

Legionnaire of Souls.

Riverside [DE]


Ruins of Surmia, Pact Of Brothers, United Federation of Tsundere.

Seafarer's Rest

Aseveljet, Dawn of Adventure, Drunken Disciples, East Indian Guild, Hellas Team, Journey Of Five, Nieustraszeni Podroznicy Czasu, Os Lusitanos, Pride And Prejudice And Ponies, The Daemon Army, The Forgoten Army, The Messengers Quest, Ukrainian Alliance, Unqualify, Za Drots.


Alone We Stand, Kroniki Horyzontu, Sacred Ashes, Temasek Holding.


Fallen Dragon Legion, Time for Tea And Biscuits.

Vizunah Square [FR]

Whiteside Ridge

Equilibrium, Ockham's Razor, The White Wolves UK.

No Region


Chill Non Meta Raiders, Crusaders Of Ashes, Darkhand, Drunken Crusade, Dutch Community Gaming, Emperors Of Edge Of The Mists, Epic, eQuinoX, Fist of the North, Furry Menagerie, Hawke Company, Kill For Me [ONE], My Build is from MetaBattle, OMG I'm Drunk, Oracle of Ohm, Ostrza, Reddit Refugees, Researchers in Plague, Royal Legion, Seelenverbunden, Sneaky Ninja, Survivors of Rhydin, Toxic Alliance of Nightmares, Triskaidekaornithoscelida, Tunder Skrimps, Twisted Inventors of Tyria, Tyraels Wings, Vanguarda, Where Are My Dragons.