Guild Wars 2 / Guilds Overview

North America

Anvil Rock



Black Dragon Templars, The Lords Of Dragon Heart, Worlds Most Interesting Men.

Borlis Pass

Dark Times, Every Victor Immortality Lair, Kama'aina, Legion of the Rising Sun, Níu, The Order of Digital Knightz.

Crystal Desert

For The Horde, Praxis, ROUGH TRADE - LGBT (aka RTGC, TAINT, ROUGH TRADE GAMING COMMUNITY), Sixty Nine Shades of [NUDE].


Devine Wind, Eye Of Ascalon, Legendary Brawlers Of Surmia, Legion of Dragoons.

Devona's Rest

Arcus Pride, Skritts Madness and Mayhem Team, The Steel Ministry.


Brewhaus, Fellowship of the Realm, Gaurdians Of The Light, Hades Harem, Lunar Knights, Project Mayhem, Shadow Dragon Sect., The Blazeridge Dragons, The Dragonfly Effect, Tuxzyn Terrors, Tyrs Paladium, Wings of the Dragon.

Ehmry Bay

Gamadise Gaming, Guardians of Lore, Onyx Guard, Phantoms of the.

Eredon Terrace

Annoying You Like A.

Ferguson's Crossing

Dragons of Draezor, The Order Of Divine Retribution, Ye Olde Curmudgeons.

Fort Aspenwood

Aegis, League Of Omnipotents, The Republic.

Gate of Madness

Guild Of Divine Soldiers, Knights of Myst, Legendary Ascalonian Defenders, The Order of the Moon, The Pug Group, The Symphonic Scream, Whos A Pretty Kitty.

Henge of Denravi

Across the Sea, Central Anime, Chilling Heroes of Winter, Knights of Pomerania, Slay.

Isle of Janthir

ColdFusion Underground, Shade Warbañd, Test Guild Please Ignore, The Akatsuki Organization, The Knights Medieval, Tribo, Unitasumus, Weaver Warband.

Jade Quarry

Ashes, Fire and Ice, Rune, Siege Turtle Desecration, The Legacy Of, Vintage Gaming.


Enemigos Intimos, Trolls de WvW.


Knights of Ipseity, Sine Circadia.

Northern Shiverpeaks

Clockwork Assembly, Dark Dragons of Nosgoth, Eternallylost, Nuclear, Nuggets of Wisdom, The Crimson Mercenaries.

Sanctum of Rall

Ecto Nightmare, Flux Capacity, Gaiscioch, Northern Brethren.

Sea of Sorrows

Élite RD, Cookie Stealing Team, Fated, Fell Into Your Shoes, Hope Rising, Mists of Valhalla.

Sorrow's Furnace

Anime Legendary Party, Noobfest.

Stormbluff Isle

Ice Empire, Last Horizon, Siege Turtles, We Still Need Therapy.

Tarnished Coast

Black Lion Expeditions, Bunny Foofoo Belly Button Lint, Dark Tempest Dragons, Elite Vanguards Of Tyria, Hoods Gate Bridgeburners, I Swear She Was Eighteen, Obsessive Completion Disorder, The Chosen, The Gryphons Aerie, The Mailed Fist, The Mechanists of the Pariah, Wardens of Destiny.

Yak's Bend

Ardour, Bug Colony, Gardiens de la Rose, Knights of The Silver Chalice, Liars Cheats and Thieves, Radiant Journey, Republic of OT, Spiral Origins.


Abaddon's Mouth [DE]

Arborstone [FR]

Augury Rock [FR]

Hushed Voices, Le bus magique, Ombre et Lumière, The Frenchies, The Frenchies Kiss.

Aurora Glade

Chronicle of Black Dragons, Czech Singularity, Jade Reapers, Lightbringer, quaggan pals, Red eyes, Tyrian Training Guild, When The Night Falls.

Baruch Bay [ES]


Gildia Polska, Moongate Elite, Nieustraszeni Podróżnicy Czasu, Peace Was Never an Option, The Praetorians Guild, Tinyz.


AncientS, Flameseekers of Prophecies, Insanity, Łowcy Demonów, Nolani Academy, The Dynasty Warrior, Thousand Lakes Alliance, Twisted.

Drakkar Lake [DE]

Silver Sunshine, The Golden Hornet.

Dzagonur [DE]

Night Active Crew, Regenbogen Biergarten, Teufelspack.

Elona Reach [DE]

Die heilige Suche nach dem [GRAL], How I Met A Dragon, The Unbreakable Terror.

Far Shiverpeaks

Ametystowe Smoki, Dragons in Exile, Guild of Tweakers, Quaggan Pillow Fighters, Ragnarok Of Primordus, Tempus Omnia Revelat, The Kinetic Hand, Three Crowns.

Fissure of Woe

Fort Ranik [FR]


Death of Honor, Doge Lé Happ, Lost in Gandara, Marked by, The Arctic, The Art Of W A R, Thorin and Company, Vanishing Legacy Guild.

Gunnar's Hold

Deep Sea Monks, Fighter Club, Rock, Paper, Signet.

Jade Sea [FR]

Kodash [DE]

Miller's Sound


Piken Square

Angel Sharks, Not All Those Who Wander Are, Youtubers Senza Gloria.

Ring of Fire

Diamond Crew, Legionnaire of Souls, Stancona, Tusk Force.

Riverside [DE]

Ruins of Surmia

Alliance Of The Twin Roses, Camaraderie Of Global Elites, Freedom For Skritts, Greek Titans Community, The Shadowcourt.

Seafarer's Rest

Aseveljet, East Indian Guild, Hellas Team, Os Lusitanos, The Bulgarians, The Forgoten Army, Za Drots.


Kroniki Horyzontu.


La Irmandade.

Vizunah Square [FR]

Whiteside Ridge

Dutch Community Gaming, Equilibrium, Nuts Gaming Community [NUTS], Ockham's Razor, The White Wolves UK.

No Region


Court of the Mythical Beasts, Darkhand, Epic, eQuinoX, Fist of the North, Fur Eternal, Galactic Trade Federation, GKAR, Hawke Company, Hound of Abaddon, OMG I'm Drunk, Reddit Refugees, Royal Legion, Seelenverbunden, Survivors of Rhydin, Twisted Inventors of Tyria, Tyraels Wings, Vanguarda, Where Are My Dragons.