The Symphonic Scream / Guild Profile

Guild Name The Symphonic Scream
Guild Tag [Symf]
Last Updated 5th February, 2019
Server Gate of Madness
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvX
Language(s) English
Location United States
Discord N/A
Twitter N/A
Voice Comms TeamSpeak
Members 300+
Guild Leader(s) The Black Muse
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age N/A
Min. Time Investment N/A
Timezone(s) GMT -8
Skill Level(s) Medium
Activities Structured PvP

General Guild Info


The Symphonic Scream is a brotherhood and sisterhood of sorcerers and warriors who have heard the sound of the void.

How can there be sound in an empty place?  Now that is the mystery.  There is a chaos in the darkness of the mists, there is everything in nothing.  The guild began under the mad agenda of a human necromancer called The Black Muse.  He was a self proclaimed rogue child of Grenth and Lyssa, with a strange adoration in which he called the chaos beyond death.  He raves about a the beautiful deathsong, but in his eyes one can only see that all he hears is chaos and mayhem.  The necromancer-muse dreamed of beginning an army of necromancers, all in the name of a symphonic scream.  But who would listen to such demention?  Let alone soley necromancers who idolize the silence of death and found that music beyond sleep is impossible.  So the numbers of his brotherhood grew not amongst necromancers, but among warriors and thieves, mesmers and elementalists; even the divine guardians consented to The Symphonic Scream.  Because the brotherhood was free.  Free to believe in dark gods, and the dead things in the mist, they became worshipers of the void.  Not the underworld, but the underworld of gods.  They believed in the scream.

Now the necromancer became so mad, that he was no longer capable of leading his bretheren, so mad that his brothers sought to betray him.  Before he was banished to the mists, he cursed his brothers, saying, "You have not truly seen the void."

The Symphonic Scream then withered, and was heard no more.

Hundreds of years later, after Zhaitans defeat and the waking of Mordremoth.  A seemingly mad necromancer was spat out of a portal from the mists.  He returned to his brotherhood, and simply began rebuilding so that the scream would be heard once more.

The Guild.

With the guild leader's return, the guild found new brothers.  We accept all mortals, and all souls and believe in taking new adventurers into our brotherhood.  Many of the new brothers grow to become important soldiers and leaders in the guild, and experience a freedom with words, and a choice of either leisure or competition.

We were formerly and still are Dungeon Crawlers.  But with the variety of voices and interest in the guild, we find ourselves doing everything.  Our main mission is to claim more and more mortals to the guild then eventually swallow Tyria in destruction and chaos- Uh I mean, our main goal is to make the game fun and engrossing to players new and old.

Our brotherhood is organized into several main ranks.

The Shriekling- our newest souls

The Brood- lowest officer and active 100% repper.

The Beckoner-middle officer, active repper and banner carrier, as well as seasoned player.

The Soulreaver-first high-officer rank, earned by preforming an act of worth to the guild. 

The Shadowsound- Counceller, rallying force.

The Darksound- second in command and electable guild leader

The Voidsound- the foundation

About The Black Muse

He is most handsome, and rich and gets all the ladies, and men if he rolled that way, but he doesnt.  (actually he is extremely incompetant and quite possibly bonkers, if he offers you hugs do not accept the hug.)