Chariot of Fire / Guild Profile

Guild Name Chariot of Fire
Guild Tag [FIRE]
Last Updated 31st January, 2019
Server Northern Shiverpeaks
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvX
Language(s) English
Location United States
Discord N/A
Twitter N/A
Voice Comms TeamSpeak
Members 151-300
Guild Leader(s) Xivor.8754
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age 16
Min. Time Investment N/A
Timezone(s) GMT -5
Skill Level(s) Any
Activities SocialisingWorld vs WorldDungeonsStructured PvPDynamic Events

General Guild Info

Chariot of Fire [FIRE] is a Christ-centered, family-friendly PvX fellowship that is located on the Northern Shiverpeaks server in Guild Wars 2. Originally created in 2007 in the first Guild Wars, the [FIRE] guild has a rich history within the Guild Wars community. Our members share a common goal: to enjoy the game in a God-honoring, family-friendly gaming environment. Our guild is based upon four major tenants that define us:


The very essence of our guild is a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is our goal to be a Christ-Centered community and we desire to honor God in all that we do. It is our belief that our faith is primary and our gaming is secondary, and we have a strong hope that others we interact with see Christ shining through us.

Our goal is for every member to play in a comfortable environment where they are in control of the conduct they absorb. By maintaining a family-friendly environment, our gaming fellowship is safe for gamers of all ages. We have established a Biblically-based Standards of Conduct that aids in maintaining our family-friendly environment.

Fellowship is what drives us to play with each other. We are more than an in-game character, but a real person that lives on past the log-in screen. We encourage fully immersing into the social experience that comes with our fellowship, which includes in-game collaboration, website communication, and Teamspeak communication.

Jesus met with people where they were at, and He built relationships with those people, regardless of stature. We are not an exclusive guild that wishes to hide away. We wish to build relationships with those in the community around us, and use our Godly example of Christ to positively influence them for Jesus. We regularly interact with others in our server community, and we hope to continue to be highly regarded as a friendly and helpful community.


[FIRE] members engage in group activities in all areas of Guild Wars 2. Our guild has a active footprint in WvW and are steadily working to improve our effectiveness on the battlefield. In addition to WvW, we have a healthy level of casual weekly PvE activities that we engage in. Our desire is to have a healthy balance between WvW raiding and PvE activities. We will accept new members from ANY server, but those that wish to participate in our growing WvW sector will need to be on Northern Shiverpeaks or be willing to transfer to NSP from their current server.

World Versus World:
Weekly Coordinated Raids | Casual Havoc | Casual EOTM (leveling)

Player Versus Environment:
Weekly Guild Missions | Casual Dungeon/Fractals | Casual HoT Raids | Casual Farming | Casual Living Story

Structured Player Versus Player:
Casual sPvP


Times of Activity
Though we have members that play all hours of the day, our busiest and “official” play times are as follows:

Social Activity

Contact Information
Contact any of our officer team here or in-game at any time with any questions or concerns!