Blackstar Empire / Guild Profile

Attention: This guild profile has not been updated in a long time and so may be inaccurate, or the guild may no longer exist.
Guild Name Blackstar Empire
Guild Tag [BSE]
Last Updated 24th July, 2019
Server Ferguson's Crossing
Style & Focus Casual/Laidback PvE
Language(s) English
Location United States
Website N/A
Twitter N/A
Voice Comms Discord
Members 1-10
Guild Leader(s) Grimmjowah
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age 18
Min. Time Investment 3 days/week
Skill Level(s) Any
Activities SocialisingRoleplayingDungeonsStructured PvPDynamic EventsRaids

General Guild Info

Hello all im Grimmjowah leader of the Blackstar Empire guild/clan. this guild/clan spans over severl games with the purpose of bringing together those people who dont quite fit in elsewhare much like myself we are a band of misfits but very fun loving we welcome all into our ranks we have two sides to things. we have our casual players and our elite players (i fall half way into both as a result of my job) that being said feel free to reach out to me or my members for an invite we will gradly take you in and welcome you with open arms.

Guild Wars 2 Info

This guild is mostly PvE based tho we do have memebers who like PvP and the like so we do welcome all from both sides of that coin

the kind of people we tend to look for are those who enjoy a good joke and dont get offended easily

people who love going hard for hours to reach those big goals and get those bragging rights

and of course just people who wanna have fun with friends and make some new ones ^_^


If you would like to join us and see what we are all about fitst hand simply click that little discord link pop in and say HAI! :D the other members and my self will around ready to welcome any newcomers to the family :D