Aincrad Sao / Guild Profile

Attention: This guild profile has not been updated in a long time and so may be inaccurate, or the guild may no longer exist.
Guild Name Aincrad Sao
Guild Tag [SAO]
Last Updated 20th April, 2019
Server Dragonbrand
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvX
Language(s) English
Location United States
Website N/A
Discord N/A
Twitter N/A
Voice Comms Discord
Members 51-150
Guild Leader(s) OkamiRayen.7485 KiritoAsuna.2863
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age 18
Min. Time Investment N/A
Timezone(s) GMT -5
Skill Level(s) Any

Guild Wars 2 Info

Who we Are

Aincrad Sao is a guild based around making friendships and acceptance of everyone, we want to build a community of trust and understanding and so with that said we are looking for members who are just as understanding and accepting of those who have disabilities or are apart of the LGBTQ group. Our guild will not tolerate bigotry and such members who show such attitude will get kicked from our guild.

We want to make an environment where everyone feels welcomed and safe from negative view points and don't have to be afraid of speaking up or just chatting away with us. Aincrad prides itself on the word Acceptance. Also most of us are just plain ole goofy sarcastic users who all have an interest in anime and gaming.


The Fun stuff

As a guild we dabble in almost everything,except Raiding as we still need to get a solid raid group going still and as a guild we will learn to raid together. With that said we offer World boss runs,Dungeons,WvW,Fractals up to the highest tier,anything we feel up to doing and or you need help with.
We do have guild missions twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday evenings,but times for those vary greatly so we have no set time for them, just keep a look out for one of us bringing up guild missions in guild chat or discord.

If you are interested in Joining or have questions feel free to ask in here or one of us in game. :)



Omega Mccoy.4237
Celly Soulzar.1623