Gru and Gorls / Guild Profile

Guild Name Gru and Gorls
Guild Tag [GaG]
Last Updated 13th January, 2019
Server Undecided
Style & Focus Casual/Laidback PvX
Language(s) English
Location International
Website N/A
Twitter N/A
Voice Comms Discord
Members 1-10
Guild Leader(s) Unspecified
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age N/A
Min. Time Investment N/A
Timezone(s) GMT -6
Skill Level(s) Any
Activities SocialisingRoleplayingWorld vs WorldDungeonsStructured PvPTournament PvPDynamic EventsRaids

General Guild Info

[GaG] Gru and Gorls are recruiting!!!! We are a social guild looking to expand our small little family. Any kinds of players are welcome. Veteran, new, returning, role-players, you name it, we welcome it. We currently have 21 members but sadly not much is active :(. BUT you can change that :D! All you need is bring your presence and we shall worship it!

We are a hella laid back guild, not much requirements are needed. Just please be respectful and don't be unnecessarily rude to anyone. It is highly appreciated if you keep the discord server alive! We love to hang out and do nothing, mess around with tonics, or just chase people around lion's arch for no apparent reason. We occasionally attempted to do races for guild missions, though we always fail, it's the fun that we care about. Sometimes, we open up a bounty train in the Desert, this is a rare occasion. We tried to open up a raid training but everyone ended up being too busy :(. But hey if you would like to pleb a raid without knowing the rotations, you are welcomed! psssttt if you're a jumping puzzle wh0re, me too, lets go, join us today owo!

We would like to capture our guild hall, Gilded Hollows, though we still don't have much people. So if you're level 80 and have a HoT expansion, please do help us claim our home!!!!

Basic rules;

  1. Real life will always comes first.

  2. No elitism; you are allowed to be proud of your class, but no need to belittle the others.

  3. Rep as much as possible, won't be forced to do so because each has 5 guild slots.

If everything above still couldn't convince you, whispers in your ear we have a waifu channel on our discord server (nsfw stuff allowed). Come check it out, and share us pics of your waifus owo!


Available roles (lowest to highest);

Minion; when you first enter

Vector; if you don't want to be considered a "Gorl" (i mean im sure everyone wants to)

Gorl; after being socially active in the guild and contributing in guild missions that we never completed, you are an official member!

Lucy; Officers who will help Gru keep the server organized.