Misthaven / Guild Profile

Guild Name Misthaven
Guild Tag [MIST]
Last Updated 9th August, 2019
Server Jade Quarry
Style & Focus Casual/Laidback PvX
Language(s) English
Location United States
Website http://www.misthaven.shivtr.com/
Discord N/A
Twitter N/A
Voice Comms Discord
Members 1-10
Guild Leader(s) All of the Guild Founders
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age 40
Min. Time Investment 5 hours/week
Timezone(s) GMT -6
Skill Level(s) Any
Activities SocialisingDungeonsDynamic Events

Guild Wars 2 Info

Misthaven is looking to add a few new members. We're not looking to create a massive guild of people where you feel small and have to stand on a chair to get attention. We're a small, tight-knit "family" of older adults who met and became close friends in Guild Wars 2. We've lived the large guild life and prefer to remain smaller. 

We are looking for people who won't be offended by our jokes, our bad language, and our sometimes sick sense of humor (Ok, the last part refers to me). We don't do drama at all. If we have a problem with another member, we talk it out like adults and don't run to officers or leaders. In fact, we have none of those. Everyone is a founder or a member. 

We just like to play the game, laugh, chat, and enjoy the exploration of the game. We want people who want to be with us. We want people who WANT to represent Misthaven and that are active more than an hour or two a week. We understand that real life comes first but most of us get on 3 or more times a week. Some of us work so we play mostly from 7-10 pm central time and on the weekends. Most of us (all but one) are age 40 and over. We forget and have brain lag a lot so older more settled members are desired. 

What we have to offer is a group of fun loving, wise cracking people (both male and female) that like to help each other reach our goals in game. We are currently working on skyscales and Requiem armor. We compliment each other and help out a guildie wherever we can. Some of us like the jump puzzles and will port those that can't for instance. We like to do dungeons and fractals, game achievements, dailies and some like farming, grinding for legendaries. We occasionally visit wvw or pvp but those aren't priority. Our guild hall isn't completely finished but we are working on some of the last upgrades. We also have a scribe and lots of cool decorations. We sometimes do guild missions when we need favor for the upgrades but we don't have to do them very often now. We usually group up on the weekends to level alts, help people get achievements or whatever people need. We have Discord for voice chat. Discord isn't required 100% of the time (more like 80%) and we do expect members to get on and speak, especially for dungeons or fractals. We are old so we can't type and fight at the same time. LOL Most of us are on Jade Quarry but that isn't a requirement. 

We also have folks that play the Elder Scrolls Online and we have a Misthaven guild there as well. Some of us play other games as well like Diablo and Lord of the Rings Online but we get on ts and if our friends need our help for a dungeon or achievement, we'll hop over on GW2. 

If you want to give us a try, come fill out an app. If we're not a good fit for you, or you're not a good fit for us... no harm done and no hard feelings. Some people "click" and some don't, and that's ok! We have cat lovers, dog lovers, southern country folk, yankees, and Unicorn lovers (yeah, unfortunately, you'll have to deal with that too). Mostly, we don't care about your race, nationality, religion, sexual preference, etc... (unless you're an alien. If you're an alien we will have to meet in council to consider your request carefully). Our only rule is that everyone respects each other and have an open mind. We don't have to all agree on religion, politics, and such but get along and not argue. We're not all always on together but there are usually several of us online, playing the game and on Discord. 

Check out our website for more information. We are very active on our forums as well. Hope to see you in the mists!