Starfleet Dental / Guild Profile

Guild Name Starfleet Dental
Guild Tag [SFD]
Last Updated 25th January, 2019
Server Maguuma
Style & Focus Strict/Hardcore PvP
Language(s) Luxembourgish (Secondary: Pidgin)
Location Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
Discord N/A
Twitter @StarfleetDental
Voice Comms Other
Members 1-10
Guild Leader(s) Faithful Dear Leader of the Dental Republic
Recruitment Status Closed
Min. Age 4
Min. Time Investment N/A
Timezone(s) GMT -12
Skill Level(s) MediumHigh

General Guild Info

"Victory of Starfleet Dental in Day of Great Victory means that warmongering Goon Squad and Henge of Denravi server of wickedness can never cover TRUE COLORS as provocateur of war."  -Great Successor Arus, 2012

A monument to the power of Starfleet Dental

Do YOU fight for Dental?

Starfleet Dental III: The Search for Swiss

Not long ago, our majestic dental starship, the USS SUCKLORD!, was exploring a previously undetected flouride nebula along the Romulan neutral zone. We stumbled upon an anomaly, resembling a giant bagel, which flung us thousands of years back in time to an alternate dimension. Sustaining heavy damage in on the journey, the SUCKLORD! crash-landed in a jungle of a strange and unknown world, resulting in a total loss of our ship and technology. Barely escaping with our lives, the survivors managed to pull themselves from the wreckage with minimal supplies. We soon realized that this was an inhabited and active world known as Tyria, and after many missteps and wrong turns, we found a settlement to rest and recover (soon to be discovered as being Lion's Arch). Having no route home and no technology, the survivors were forced to integrate into Tyrian society. We jumped on this opportunity, to continue practicing our passion of tooth repair and maintenance, to spread the love of dentistry to the beings and cities of this world. The guild Starfleet Dental was formed, and we continue this effort to this day.

Dear Leader lives on in this new journey, and Great Successor Arus is leading the Glorious Dental Starfleets to victory.

We welcome you now!

To a glorious new future in history for our space guild!

May God Bless Dear Leader And Unchain The Arus For All Eternity!