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Rgn LocTagGuild NameServerLanguage Focus Size
- United States[SoR]Survivors of RhydinUndecidedPvX 1-10
NA United States[PURR]Whos A Pretty KittyGate of MadnessArmenianPvX 1-10
EU Czech Republic[CzX]Czech SingularityAurora GladeCzechPvX 151-300
EU Denmark[RoP]Ragnarok Of PrimordusFar ShiverpeaksDanishPvE 151-300
EU Denmark[TBB]The Bone BreakersFar ShiverpeaksDanishPvX 11-50
EU Netherlands[DIE]Dragons in ExileFar ShiverpeaksDutchPvX 51-150
EU Netherlands[DCG]Dutch Community GamingWhiteside RidgeDutchPvX 300+
EU Netherlands[EIG]East Indian GuildSeafarer's RestDutchPvX 11-50
EU Netherlands[GoT]Guild of TweakersFar ShiverpeaksDutchPvX 300+
EU Netherlands[PACT]Pact Of BrothersRuins of SurmiaDutchPvX 1-10
- International[SHNY]A skritt at heartUndecidedEnglishPvE 11-50
NA Not Specified[AEGIS]AegisFort AspenwoodEnglishPvE 11-50
NA Australia[AFNM]Affinitus NemusGate of MadnessEnglishPvE 11-50
EU International[AncS]AncientSDesolationEnglishPvP 1-10
EU International[As]Angel SharksPiken SquareEnglishPvX 1-10
NA United States[ArcP]Arcus PrideDevona's RestEnglishPvX 51-150
NA United States[AGM]ArdourYak's BendEnglishPvX 1-10
NA Not Specified[Ash]AshesJade QuarryEnglishPvX 11-50
NA International[AKS]Aureus KnightsMaguumaEnglishPvX 51-150
NA International[BnB]Bad News BunnysFort AspenwoodEnglishPvE 300+
NA United States[CaLM]Before the StormStormbluff IsleEnglishPvE -
EU United Kingdom[BBF]Big Blood FestPiken SquareEnglishPvE 11-50
NA Brazil[BDT]Black Dragon TemplarsBlackgateEnglishPvX 11-50
NA United States[BLE]Black Lion ExpeditionsTarnished CoastEnglishPvX 151-300
NA United States[BSE]Blackstar EmpireFerguson's CrossingEnglishPvE 1-10
NA United States[Brew]BrewhausDragonbrandEnglishPvX 11-50
EU Europe[BK]Brurranian KnightsVabbiEnglishPvX 11-50
NA United States[FUZZ]Bunny Foofoo Belly Button …Tarnished CoastEnglishPvX 151-300
NA United States[BEER]Carpe CerevisiamStormbluff IsleEnglishPvX 1-10
NA United States[CA]Central AnimeHenge of DenraviEnglishPvX 51-150
NA United States[FIRE]Chariot of FireNorthern ShiverpeaksEnglishPvX 151-300
- Europe[CNMR]Chill Non Meta RaidersUndecidedEnglishPvE 51-150
NA United States[CLOK]Clockwork AssemblyNorthern ShiverpeaksEnglishPvX 11-50
NA Australia[CST]Cookie Stealing TeamSea of SorrowsEnglishPvX 11-50
- International[MYTH]Court of the Mythical Beas…UndecidedEnglishPvX 11-50
NA International[CoS]Crusaders of SkadooshTarnished CoastEnglishPvX 1-10
NA International[Meow]Curly Cat ClubGate of MadnessEnglishPvX -
NA Canada[DFH]Dagger Family HeroesSorrow's FurnaceEnglishPvX 11-50
NA United States[DTD]Dark Tempest DragonsTarnished CoastEnglishPvE 51-150
- Not Specified[DDH]DarkhandUndecidedEnglishPvX 51-150
EU Europe[DOH]Death of HonorGandaraEnglishPvX 51-150
NA United States[DW]Devine WindDarkhavenEnglishPvX 1-10
EU Europe[DoA]Disciples of AnubisGandaraEnglishPvX 1-10
EU Europe[DOGE]DogengildeGandaraEnglishPvE 1-10
NA Not Specified[ecto]Ecto NightmareSanctum of RallEnglishPvX 151-300
NA International[EVOT]Elite Vanguards Of TyriaTarnished CoastEnglishPvX 151-300
NA United States[eV]Elysium VanguardDragonbrandEnglishPvE 11-50
- International[Empr]Emperors Of Edge Of The Mi…UndecidedEnglishPvX 300+
NA United States[EPIC]EPiC KiLLSSea of SorrowsEnglishPvX 151-300
EU Not Specified[EQ]EquilibriumWhiteside RidgeEnglishPvP 51-150
NA United States[EL]EternallylostNorthern ShiverpeaksEnglishPvX 300+
NA United States[EVIL]Every Victor Immortality L…Borlis PassEnglishPvX 11-50
NA International[Fate]FatedSea of SorrowsEnglishPvX 11-50
NA Australia[Fell]Fell Into Your ShoesSea of SorrowsEnglishPvX 151-300
NA United States[FotR]Fellowship of the RealmDragonbrandEnglishPvX 11-50
NA United States[FoW]Fellowship of WizardsSanctum of RallEnglishPvE 51-150
- Europe[FC]Fighter ClubUndecidedEnglishPvX 11-50
- Not Specified[FOTN]Fist of the NorthUndecidedEnglishPvP 11-50
EU Egypt[Fire]Flameseekers of PropheciesDesolationEnglishPvE 51-150
NA United States[FLUX]Flux CapacitySanctum of RallEnglishPvP 51-150
NA United States[FTH]For The HordeCrystal DesertEnglishPvX 1-10
EU Netherlands[FRAC]Frost Raven CoalitionAurora GladeEnglishPvE 1-10
- International[FUR]Furry ValleyUndecidedEnglishPvX 300+
NA Canada[GAL]GalatisJade QuarryEnglishPvP 11-50
NA United States[GG]Gamadise GamingEhmry BayEnglishPvE 51-150
NA United States[GOTL]Gaurdians Of The LightDragonbrandEnglishPvX 300+
NA United States[GBC]Get Beat CrewJade QuarryEnglishPvX 1-10
NA International[GFC]Get Fresh CrewGate of MadnessEnglishPvX 11-50
NA United States[GOAT]Goats of ThunderYak's BendEnglishPvX 300+
EU International[GD]Grave DisciplineArborstone [FR]EnglishPvX 11-50
NA United States[LORE]Guardians of LoreEhmry BayEnglishPvE 1-10
NA International[GoDS]Guild Of Divine SoldiersGate of MadnessEnglishPvX 151-300
NA United States[HH]Hades HaremDragonbrandEnglishPvX 51-150
- Not Specified[Hawk]Hawke CompanyUndecidedEnglishPvX 11-50
NA International[HZRD]Hazardous BeingsHenge of DenraviEnglishPvP 1-10
NA United States[HOPE]Hope RisingSea of SorrowsEnglishPvE 151-300
NA Not Specified[GWEN]I Swear She Was EighteenTarnished CoastEnglishPvP 1-10
NA International[Ice]Ice EmpireStormbluff IsleEnglishPvE 151-300
EU Not Specified[INS]InsanityDesolationEnglishPvX 1-10
EU Europe[JD]Jade ReapersAurora GladeEnglishPvE 300+
NA United States[Seed]Kabal of the RighteousSorrow's FurnaceEnglishPvX 11-50
NA United States[AINA]Kama'ainaYak's BendEnglishPvX 11-50
EU International[KoEK]Kings of Elite Killing Kni…Far ShiverpeaksEnglishPvE 11-50
NA United States[KNOW]KnightOwlYak's BendEnglishPvX -
NA United States[KoM]Knights of MystGate of MadnessEnglishPvP 11-50
NA Not Specified[POM]Knights of PomeraniaHenge of DenraviEnglishPvX 11-50
NA United States[KPDX]Knights of the Rose CityFort AspenwoodEnglishPvE 151-300
NA International[KSC]Knights of The Silver Chal…Yak's BendEnglishPvX 51-150
NA United States[IX]Komodo DragonsDragonbrandEnglishPvE 11-50
NA United States[LH]Last HorizonStormbluff IsleEnglishPvP 11-50
NA United States[Omni]League Of OmnipotentsFort AspenwoodEnglishPvX 151-300
EU Europe[LotS]Legacy of the SixGandaraEnglishPvE 151-300
NA United States[LEET]Legendary Ascalonian Defen…Gate of MadnessEnglishPvX 151-300
NA International[MERC]Legendary Outlaw Mercenari…Devona's RestEnglishPvE 11-50
NA International[LORD]Legion of DragoonsBlackgateEnglishPvX 11-50
NA Not Specified[LRS]Legion of the Rising SunBorlis PassEnglishPvE 11-50
EU International[King]Legionnaire of SoulsRing of FireEnglishPvE 11-50
NA International[Liar]Liars Cheats and ThievesYak's BendEnglishPvX 51-150
EU International[LB]LightbringerAurora GladeEnglishPvX 151-300
NA International[LNX]Linux Gaming GuildEhmry BayEnglishPvX 1-10