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Rgn LocTagGuild NameServerLanguage Focus Size
NA United States[OwO]Comfy Dragons' DenTarnished CoastEnglishPvE 300+
NA United States[WoD]Wardens of DestinyTarnished CoastEnglishPvE 151-300
NA Philippines[FIST]The Mailed FistTarnished CoastEnglishPvX 51-150
NA United States[REST]The Gryphons AerieTarnished CoastEnglishPvE 11-50
NA United States[ChSy]Chaotic SymphonyTarnished CoastEnglishPvX 51-150
NA United States[OCD]Obsessive Completion Disor…Tarnished CoastEnglishPvX 300+
NA International[MSFT]The Renegade MisfitsTarnished CoastEnglishPvX 51-150
NA United States[MECH]The Mechanists of the Pari…Tarnished CoastEnglishPvX 1-10
NA International[EVOT]Elite Vanguards Of TyriaTarnished CoastEnglishPvX 151-300
NA Not Specified[GWEN]I Swear She Was EighteenTarnished CoastEnglishPvP 1-10
NA Not Specified[CHSN]The ChosenTarnished CoastEnglishPvX 1-10