Dominus Letum / Guild Profile

Guild Name Dominus Letum
Guild Tag [DLE]
Last Updated 3rd August, 2012
Server Jade Quarry
Twitter N/A
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvP
Language(s) English (Secondary: English)
Location United States
Voice Comms Ventrilo
Members 51-150
Guild Leader(s) Lazarus
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age 18
Min. Time Investment N/A
Timezone(s) GMT -8
Skill Level(s) Any

About the Guild



Dominus Letum Recruitment Video


Dominus Letum was founded by Asmodae and a collection of former Iret ne Xotli members. In its prime Iret ne Xotli was the most respected and most dominate guilds in all of Age of Conan on the Bane server. A test server for Funcom’s attempt at Cultural Warfare, Iret ne Xotli was a guild made up of pure Stygian Class characters. We openly defied many of the mixed race guilds and although we were always at a disadvantage class wise we consitantly defied all odds and pushed those guilds to their limits. Unfortunately the server lost population numbers due to a lack of support and end game content from Funcom. After some serious debate Iret ne Xotli migrated to WAR and became a true Multi MMO Gaming community!

A Unique Guild:

A Guild unlike any other, part of what makes Dominus Letum so successful is the fact that we grouped very well together and had fun doing it as well. Yes we are pretty darn good PVP players but at the same time we love to quest it up with our fellow members. We also practiced the “Never Left Behind” rule. Regardless of player level if any of our members needed help, assistance or was getting ganked by higher level players we would all come in numbers to have our players backs.

We continually look to improve ourselves everyday in everything we do and ask that our members settle for nothing less. Simply put, we strive to be the most dominant guild in any MMO while maintaining a reputation of being both fair, fun and competitive. We strive to accomplish great feats together and continually push ourselves to face the next challenge with full intensity. Although we have loads of fun on ventrilo and in game we do recognize that that players have time restraints, family, spouses, full time jobs.

Dominus Letum is a guild for mature players of whome have everyday priorities in life. As a golden rule real life duties should always come first. We know real life commitments are a priority with mature gamers and also recognize that we are mostly here to have fun but whose to say we cant defeat the armies of light along the way?

To be a member of Dominus Letum is to continually become better at whatever rises to challenge us as a team. The development of all our following guidelines were made with these goals in mind. Our application process is and will remain extremely selective to ensure our future success and a mutually shared goal between guild and member. On behalf of Dominus Letum we welcome those who join our ranks in our Dark Crusade!

Core values and Offerings:

Dominus Letum is an active and thriving mature gaming community looking to have fun in various ways. Members are ALWAYS encouraged to become involved and speak their minds on various related topics. Although the guild has its leader and Officers we are all open to the various suggestions of our players that could potentially enhance our game play.We do however tell everyone that although all suggestions will be taken into serious consideration just know that all suggestions may not be feasable for the growth of the entire guild. Yes we do whats best for the collective not the single minded individual =). With that being said EVERYONE has a voice, and using it helps us grow wiser and gives us the means and information necessary to continually improve!

Domuns Letum is unlike any other guild. We foster and actually encourage a family oriented atmposphere void of immature idiots, wannabe dictators and elitests and offer a sanctuary for anyone willing to play without players such as those. It is our mission to offer a fun, addictive and highly respected atmosphere to anyone who wishes to traverse the paths of great adventure with us! We offer a full functioning website with full forums,Ventrilo server and encourage all members to utilize our offered tools for their greater gaming enjoyment. Also for the first time in Age of Conan Dominus Letum offered very unqiue and compelling RP type PVP events.

What We Expect from Our Members:

One of the very founding aspects of our guild is that it was designed to be a very close group of People. We want to provide our members with a fun, energizing, competitive, and constant learning experience. MMO's are designed to promote large group play and we take our community very seriously. We encourage interactions and friendships as long as our members always remember the reputation that we hope to maintain across all MMO's we traverse. Any disputes, regardless of their appearance, should be handled through our Officers. We also ask that minor disputes be handled through various channels and that we not clog our channels or the worldwide public channels with potentially offensive material.

Another element that we feel is very important is the desire to not only accomplish feats for ourselves, but to also help others accomplish things together. Part of becoming a close comminuty will be devoting the time to getting to know each other and accomplishing things together and building relationships. We want to stress that we encourage all members of this kinship to offer their time to helping others as they’d expect to be helped themselves. To be a member of this guild is to become a part of the family. We stand together and we fall together.

Some of our Golden Rules that make Dominus Letum unqiue are as follows

·Treat others as you would like to be treated:
While self explanatory this goes without saying. In Dominus Letum all of our members are like family. Our members are not just another statistic or number padding our guild member stats.

·Get to know your fellow guildmates:
While not mandatory we highly encourage grouping with everyone. This helps promote great team play and allows us to learn how we each play. This is part of why we were so successful in PVP skirmish in Age of Conan and other MMO’s we played. We're all on the same team and working for the same cause, Remember united we stand divided we fall!

·Not an Elite Club:
While we do have some very good players and PVP players we are not an elitest guild at all. You wont hear someone barking hardcore orders and demanding that players play a certain class or pick up a certain job or skill. While many elitest guilds mock this concept many of those same guilds have fallen to us and now are openly at war with us in other MMO’s due to our mockery of them. You see people fight harder for something the belive in and in dominus Letum by encouraging a family orientated and mature atmosphere we have just that!

·Officers – not an EXCLUSIVE CLUB:
Officers are there for the people, and represent the masses. They are also those willing and dedicated to provide a lot of personal time to assist with the upkeep of the guild. Officers earn their places among us and are not picked based on who or what they are. Therefore all Officers of Dominus Letum are expected to earn their keep. You will always find our Officers in the fields playing with all members regardless of player level. This is a TEAM and not an I environment.

As we traverse these worlds and push for server dominance we may find ourselves stuck in a jam whether it be PVP gameplay or a hard quest. With that being said all members can rest assured that at any time they simply have to state that they need help and any or all members will do our best to assist. As alluded to above this is a TEAM environment and team work is highly encouraged.

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