Vigilant Addiction / Guild Profile

Guild Name Vigilant Addiction
Guild Tag [VA]
Last Updated 29th May, 2014
Server Jade Quarry
Twitter @VigilantAddiction
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvX
Language(s) English (Secondary: English)
Location United States
Voice Comms TeamSpeak
Members 51-150
Guild Leader(s) Strikes, Kahmal, Phonz
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age 21
Min. Time Investment N/A
Timezone(s) GMT -6
Skill Level(s) Any

About the Guild

VA - Behind the Name

Vigilant Addiction: Our definition of such is one of "Keep an eye on” our gaming "Addiction” from a personal gaming standpoint. It could be any game that we are interested in; MMO, FPS, RTS, and so forth. One can become so Addicted to these games that it can make a mess of one’s reality. In its purest form the term "Vigilant Addiction” is an epic struggle of Good/Light against Evil/Darkness as depicted in our logo design. Games these days usually have sides/factions that are either ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’. We feel that our name Vigilant Addiction allows us to apply ourselves to either side. Take a look at Addiction, it’s generally referenced with bad and evil things. Being Vigilant, or Vigilance, is something we associate with good, and correct decisions. In our community we can take hold of our Addiction side and run red the streets with the blood of our enemies; or we can grasp our Vigilant side, full of honor and respectfully decapitate our foes. It is truly the on-going battle between Good and Evil that lies within every one of us; which side will you let loose?  


Vigilant Addiction dates back to the beginning days of MMO's from 1999 to present. Through rough alpha tests, releases, rollbacks and all; VA founders have stood the test of time and kept the guild alive with each major game release. We are a very diverse gaming guild that caters to all types of gamers who enjoy MMOs, RTSs, FPSs, and more, so even if the current game isn't adopted by all members they still stick around between game releases because of how tight knit a family we are.   Recruitment We are made up of older, mature gamers who are hardcore in nature but casual in the way the guild is ran and raid times. Many have families, are married, or have other things going on so we aren't one of those guilds who will dock your DKP if your wife comes in demanding your attention. As long as you don't start drama, slam back a few alcoholic drinks of your choosing when it's drunken bar fight night in game, and work to make the guild look good.. we've most likely got a spot for you in VA. VA is currently recruiting for Tera Online, Guild Wars 2, and Planetside 2. Anyone who wishes to join who is at least 18 years of age or older should apply through this website and put the following quote into the blank application message: "No matter beer or wine; it'll all be fine."