Apocalyptic Armageddon / Guild Profile

Guild Name Apocalyptic Armageddon
Guild Tag [AARM]
Last Updated 30th October, 2015
Server Tarnished Coast
Website http://www.aarm.shivtr.com
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvX
Language(s) English
Location United States
Voice Comms TeamSpeak
Members 300+
Guild Leader(s) Overlord Kaldoran Bloodwar
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age 18
Min. Time Investment N/A
Timezone(s) GMT -5
Skill Level(s) Any

About the Guild

UPDATED 10-27-2015  PRESENT MEMBER COUNT 2017 Members in AARM

Guilds by name, most recent member count and the Co-Leaders known as Praetors of each guild whom you can contact for invites to:

Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM1) [ 386 Members]:  Droops (Draviste.9850) and Hoejooo (zaphod.8736) 

Order of Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM2) [ 383 Members]  Target (Target.2849)

Apocalyptic Armagedon Legion (AARM3) [389 Members] Kasumi.4769 and Sir Norton Tarle

Apocalyptic Armageddon Crusade (AARM4) [383 Members] SOULBLIGHTER.4521

Apocalyptic Armageddon Vanguard (AARM5) [476 Members] Savage.3420 and The Zoms.9472

Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM) is 10 YEARS OLD THIS YEAR and will be hosting the "AARM of Thorns" Birthday Bash!  http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/473/view/news/read/36707/Guild-Wars-2-AARMs-All-Out-Birthday-Bash-to-Take-Place-November-1st.html

The 2000+ ACTIVE-(Eventually we will have 2500 members) Member Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM) PVX Guild Conglomerate, quite possibly the largest one leader guild "alliance" seeks more members. We are FIVE GUILDS that I had created, more that ready to be the guild that OWNS FIVE Guild Halls and can do Guild Vs Guild Battles with each other just for fun and friendly competition with high value items to give away!  We are ready for a Guild Alliance too, should ANET integrate Alliance system into the game.  Our TeamSpeak Server plays the ALLIANCE CHAT Role for now, so that members from AARM1 may contact members in AARM2 to 5 for help with what ever they may have going on, plus for members who do not have Voice Chat or prefer not to use it, we have Ambassadors called Vanguards who are in each of the AARM guilds and can coordinate getting members assistance from other AARM guilds.  We do ALL CONTENT in GAME and have a 3000 member voice chat server that allows memvers from all AARM guilds to communicate; guild missions any day of the week, guild parties, events, PvP and Dungeon speed run competitions as well as costume contests and every 3 months, we have a 2000 Gold Raffle Give Away-which soon after the posting of this message we will be having another.  We cull every 30 days so our counts are ACTIVE MEMBERS.  1500 at the moment.  We have five guilds that I had created and NONE of them are 100 Percent Rep, so ANYONE who wishes to join AARM is welcome to and you still can commit to other guild needs, whether it be WvW, Roleplay, Family and Friend guilds.  Thanks for reading.  Please contact Overlord Kaldoran Bloodwar or one of my Praetors or Vanguards (Recruiters) for an invite to Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM).