Order of the Serpents Sword / Guild Profile

Guild Name Order of the Serpents Sword
Guild Tag [OSS]
Last Updated 30th July, 2012
Server Jade Quarry
Website http://www.oss-clan.com/
Twitter N/A
Style & Focus Casual/Laidback PvX
Language(s) English (Secondary: Spanish, Latin)
Location United States
Voice Comms TeamSpeak
Members 1-10
Guild Leader(s) chaos_forge, NiteOfMisfortune
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age N/A
Min. Time Investment N/A
Timezone(s) GMT -6
Skill Level(s) Low, Medium

About the Guild

The Order of the Serpent's Sword is always looking for new members. It's primarily a creed of players who desire to increase their skills while in the process of everyday strategy gaming. Join us and let us elevate our skills together!

We are an active gaming clan that already participates in games such as Supreme Commander, StarCraft II, and GW1. We are trying to expand to GW2 due to our love of both the original Guild Wars and its newer incarnation. We have a mix of both casual and hardcore gamers, and so will welome players of any type. Our goal is to create a reasonably-sized, but not too large, community (20-30 players) to facilitate coordination during PvP, WvWvW, and large PvE events, and ensure that all members can find a friendly party to adventure with whenever they want to.


Long ago a baby girl was born into a noble family of unimaginable wealth. The girl's father, like all men who receive untold riches, became more greedy with every golden coin he received. The man's greed had no bounds so he decided to make a deal with death himself. Not realizing what he was doing, the man met with death at midnight and conducted the trade, exchanging the most valuable thing he had: his daughter, for a few extra coins. "You shall hand your daughter to me on this very spot, in twenty years and if you don't I will deprive you of all the things that you come to cherish" said death, and adding "whatever that maybe". The man agreed.

Twenty years have passed and the man grew old. His wife had passed on years before and he was all alone with only his daughter for company. Being older, smarter, and fearful of loneliness after his love had died he decided to kill death. He journeyed to the end of the earth, using his fortune to find a weapon that could actually deliver the fatal blow. Eventually he came across a serpent, who offered to exchange all the man's riches for a weapon that would kill death. The man agreed for he now realized the true value of his daughter. 

Twenty years after the deal was sealed with death, the man waited patiently for death and at exactly midnight death appeared. "Do you have the girl?" asked death. Instead of an answer, the man pulled out a sword that the serpent had given him and managed to slash through deaths cloak. Death laughed, "You fool, you cannot kill me!", but smoke was starting to emit through the gash that the sword had made. Realizing this death swooped the sword from the man's hands and said "I have forewarned you about you deception, and now you will pay!". When the man came home his daughter wasn't there and his house had burned down. The man collapsed to his knees realizing that he lost everything. 

The blade that wounded death was never found after but the legend tells that it still exists, somewhere waiting for its purpose to be fulfilled.