Fong Shen / Guild Profile

Guild Name Fong Shen
Guild Tag [FS]
Last Updated 21st August, 2012
Server Jade Quarry
Twitter N/A
Style & Focus Strict/Hardcore PvP
Language(s) Chinese (Secondary: English)
Location Taiwan (Republic of China)
Voice Comms Other
Members 1-10
Guild Leader(s) Ares
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age N/A
Min. Time Investment N/A
Timezone(s) GMT +8
Skill Level(s) Medium, High

About the Guild

'FongShen' the introduction

FongShen is a virtual organization consisted of Taiwanese/Chinese MMORPG players,the name "FongShen" is inspired by the legendary Chinese myth:The Legend of Deification(Fongshen Bang).And we intend to build our own legends in the world of MMORPG,allies shall praise,enemies shall hold us in awe.

Our official website:

Our ways of gaming:

Play for fun: We let our members to enjoy their games and fulfill their potentials during the casual times,and the guild deal matters in a democratic way.

Play for uber: During Guild event times,we expect our members to become a very disciplined forces and obey orders given by guild officials,to achieve various in-game tactics including assaults, ambushes and charge.

Play for eat:This is probably what make us different.Even though we only get to know each other because of MMO,but a real brotherhood is founded and we became genuine friends through a decade of deadly fighting and surviving.We dine together in almost every single months last year,we talked about games,foods and it has been very enjoyable moment among numerous members who participated.

We have been tracking this game for more then half a year and played in BETA to get some first hand experience of the game.It has been a while since the last decent WvW MMO,DAOC became available.Now,we found our enthusiasm
once again,and eager to get back to our previous glories,we have around 70 members at this moment,planing expand to 200 in the future.

There are several major alliance like TA、AA,joined by many famous MMO guilds,however most of them are known for PvE MMORPG. We are an aggressive guild,thus JL is an obvious choice because of the heavy PvP background,we hope we do share the comment goal with each other,which is to be the best server for WvW.

2001~2004:DAOC-Fong Shen guild remains the highest score of DAOC RvR three years in a row.

2003: Shadowbane-We lead more then 500 Chinese players against our rival,The Elite from Australia,battles were fought,blood were shed.In the end, we managed to defeat them and destoried their main city.That said,The Elite is indeed a honorable opponent,we are looking forward facing them again knowing they have chosen to join TA.

2005-2008: In War of Warcraft, FongShen was the first and fastest guild, which explores the door of Angela

2009: In War of Warcraft, FongShen used to score the highest rank of Arena