Servius Sancti / Guild Profile

Guild Name Servius Sancti
Guild Tag [SS]
Last Updated 10th August, 2012
Server Jade Quarry
Twitter N/A
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvP
Language(s) English
Location United States
Voice Comms Ventrilo
Members 1-10
Guild Leader(s) Merex, Prancey, Agro, Ugilash, Arrikluk
Recruitment Status Closed
Min. Age N/A
Min. Time Investment N/A
Timezone(s) GMT -5
Skill Level(s) Any

About the Guild

Where We Come From:

Some of us started off in Lord of the Rings Online, some of us started off in other games but it is the former where we all met. Most of us have played Lord of the Rings Online for 4+ years either with each other or against each other and have built up a mutual respect and friendship during this process. Some have played the game exclusively and some of us have player other MMOs over this time such as AoC, WAR, Aion, Rift and Star Wars:TOR. We all have decided to play in Guild Wars 2; some of us wanting a more skill based competitive PvP, some wanting the thrill of WvWvW and keep taking that matters, some just wanted to actually enjoy PvE in the exciting way Guild Wars 2 offers it. But we all wanted to be among friends and people we have played with over all this time and hence Servius Sancti was created to facilitate this and create a place that we may also invite other people in that share a like mind and want to have fun.

Where We Are Now:

Merex and Eris have worked tiressly on the site which was created on May 7th 2012. With the help, suggestion, ideas and encouragement of our other guild mates we have created a brand (in site, twitter account, youtube channel and facebook) we are proud to call our own. We are in the open stages of recruitment and are really excited about finding members who want to compete, to win and to provide our home server (whichever that may be) with success and victory. We make it a point though to understand that all of those cannot be attained at the sacrifice of having a fun time with lots of laughs along the way. We hope to find like minded individuals or groups along the way that might join us and relish in those victories and good times and start off at launch with a solid crew of people.

Where We are Going:

The skies the limit as they say. We want to enter launch strong and competitive with people old and new and grow and accomplish together as a guild. We want to immediately start making an impact on our home servers community by being friendly and helpful people, by working together side by side and allying with other guilds on the server and by being the best we can be as a guild. We want to together devise tactics and strategies for WvWvW, we want to explore the vast world in PvE and we want to set up teams for competitive PvP. We have squad leaders who are itching to get out there and make our server tops in WvWvW with groups varying from large co-ordinated siege groups to small groups focusing on guerrilla tactic like hit and run, harassing supply caravans and the like. All the while we want to grow as a guild and make fun memories of time together in game.